So, yesterday Hubband, GG, and I attended Comicfest and because nothing we do can be simple or ordinary, here is a short list of eventful moments:

1.) Garnett grabbing some random woman’s ass while I was not by her and Hubband.  Woman looks at him like he is Satan’s asshole.  Hubband apologizes profusely.  Woman walks away still suspecting Hubband was the one that grabbed her ass.

2.) Again while I am somewhere else, a couple stops by Hubband and GG and leans down to ask GG who her who she feels is her favorite princess.  She looks up proudly and says, “Daddy my favorite.”  Note: She knows the context of favorite because I constantly tell her she is my favorite but I’m not sure she knows about princesses yet.  Obviously, the couple doesn’t know this and walks away laughing and smirking about how her daddy is her favorite princess.

3.) Hubband takes GG to the restroom for the seventeenth time she claims she has to go (potty training is the shit!).  While in there he encounters one completely clogged toilet out of order and the toilet next to it is free.  He is wiping down the non-clogged toilet when he trips the sensor and toilet water splashes in his face.  He is just settling her on to her potty seat when a guy runs in to the stall that says “out of order” because he is super stoked to put his costume on and can’t wait.  Can you guess what happens next?  He triggers sensor in blocked toilet and a mess of water, feces, and urine immediately floods over toilet in the clogged stall and spills into the stall Hubband and GG are currently in.  He grabs GG and runs out screaming before she can even go potty.  He says “shit, shit, shit” reflexively and so GG starts shouting, “shit, shit, shit” repeatedly for the next couple minutes.  People look at him in complete shock as she emerges from the bathroom cussing her little heart out.

4.)  This technically happened last year, but it is still ridiculous and happened at Comicon (it was called that last year before they were sued) so it makes the list.  If you have a problem with this, bite me.  We went to the Talk Nerdy To Me Burlesque show last year and Hubband was so tired he fell asleep.  I’m going to say that again because it bears repeating: My darling spouse fell asleep whilst watching a bunch of hot women in superhero and villains outfits taking all of their clothing off in a sultry and suggestive manner (with the exception of pasties and teeny-tiny G strings).  He has never fallen asleep while I am trying to be sexy, so I still feel extremely secure in my sexual femininity, but damn that was funny.  He still hasn’t lived it down.  Note: this year he managed to stay awake after the energy drink he had on the way over there,  talk nerdy.jpg