GG will be 3 in less than a month and I can’t keep up.  Her vocabulary and understanding of concepts keeps increasingly exponentially.  So do her skills at manipulation and temper-tantrum-throwing.  I love that child, but sometimes I wish she was less like me.  Especiialy, when she is actively displaying my character defects. Hubband and I have to be so careful.  She kicked Michael as hard as she could in the belly tonight while he was changing her to put her down.  He is such a kind man, but she walks all over him sometimes; being on the same page all of the time takes extremely diligent work.  She has started doing this super fun game where she tries to pit us against each other.  If we are together as a family she is invariably acting out.

Moments like the one above remind me of how perfect she truly is, including all of her moments of jackassery.  More and more, I feel like you try your hardest as parents, and then you roll the dice and hope for the best.  I have friends with kids who have just left the house, or are leaving the house, and I know my time will be coming before I know it.  Today I pray to be the best Mom I can be.