The Misadventures of an Intelligent Mom Who Does Silly Stupid Stuff

Because this world needs more honesty when shit gets hard and more focus on beauty for the times it isn't. Former English teacher and School Guidance Counselor, current stay-at-home parent, author, singer, and proud owner of half a pancreas (my own- not in a zombie or serial killer way). Being chronically ill for years, battling to continue staying sober (Jan 26th, 2009) and becoming a mother simultaneously has not been easy (but it has given me a lot to say). I am trying to find the serenity in the insanity by being a transparent parent. Whether you are in recovery, a parent, a woman, or just want to laugh at my jackassery, this place is for you.

The Tent

Its that point
Where your voice is at a fever pitch
And you’re talking excitedly just to hear yourself speak

Dawn is coming pale-whispy
Trails of gray
Embedded in her oceanic white
I feel threatened hollow-oblique
A sideshow
For all of their amusement
I am the conjoined twins
Bearded lady
Obese disfigured man
Waiting inside my circus for every town to come
And this mercury shes bubbled over now
Spreading down my thighs
These tears gleaning
Screaming from my eyelids
Releasing my emotional bonds
Setting free the prison of my
Maternal migraines
Waiting to enter from the wings

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