jonathon swift

I wrote this piece about my experience as a stay at home mother where I was using hyperbole in a fairly grandiose fashion. It got a lot of heat and I was not expecting that response at all.   I tried to capture the parts of being a SAHM that I struggle with and why.  I also tried to capture why I choose to do it even though some days I think I will literally lose my mind.

Then I remembered the satirical piece Jonathon Swift wrote about the potato famine in Ireland (he proposed eating children to solve the problem quickly by eliminating more people to feed and providing food).  He was fucking kidding. However, people got really, really irate.

My article is here:

And for those of you who are curious about the original article (A Modest Proposal) that is here:

I am not saying that I am as clever and witty as Jonathon Swift (ummm…no). I am saying that a piece I wrote that tried to capture how difficult it is for me to be home with GG and why I do it, is not an extrapolation to generalize why all parents should stay home.  I am curious for other parent’s opinions. Specifically, stay-at-home parents.  Also, how brilliant was Jonathon Swift?  Just saying…….